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                   Recipient of the SASS Business of the Year Wooly Award

                                                                                   Since 1992

      All patterns, artwork, and text are registered with the

Library of Congress and are the copyrighted property of

Roger and Geneva Eads.

All rights reserved.   

Text Box: Buckaroo Bobbins
P.O. Box 1168
Chino Valley, Arizona 86323
(928) 636-1885
Fax (928) 636-8134
Email: buckaroobobbins@gmail.com
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Text Box: Roger and Geneva Eads 
welcome you 
to their Old West Haberdashery 
Definition, haberdashery: A shop that deals in sewing supplies 
and ready-made clothing.  Haberdashery is said to have 
originated from German peddlers, who would sell their wares 
by calling out, “Habedas!” or “I have that!”

Myron Beck Photography

Wholesale inquiries              invited.

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<title>Sewing patterns for vintage cowboy western clothing</title>
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    <title>Sewing patterns for vintage cowboy western clothing </title>
    <meta name="description" content="Buckaroo Bobbins Authentic Vintage Western Sewing Patterns and accessories">
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