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Broadfall Pants


Broadfall pants were worn during the late 1700’s through the mid 1800’s.  It’s the correct style to be worn with the Trailblazer Shirts.  These pants had a very baggy seat, but we give you an option for a closer, more modern fit.  With instructions for both fabric and leather, the pattern is sized from 30” to 54” waists. 

When Spain was colonizing the New World, in Mexico only natural-born Spaniards and their sons were allowed to ride horses.  But on the remote ranchos the lack of man-power allowed exceptions.  The local Indians were recruited to help with the cattle, and initially were allowed to ride horses only on a limited basis. 


By law, these mestizo vaqueros wore only leather clothing to distinguish them from the higher cast Spaniards.  Their functional clothing, simple leather chap-aprons, worn over cotton pantalones, evolved into leather pants called calzoneras, with elaborate decoration. 


The vaqueros, (translates: ‘those who care for the cows’.  Vaca translates: ‘cow’), were often barefoot or wore sandals and botas to protect their lower legs and ankles from brush and cactus. 


Their jackets were short to facilitate movement for working cattle.  They wore a very long silk (often red) sash wrapped several times around their waist in which they carried a knife.  They did not wear suspenders.  This style evolved along with their remarkable horsemanship skills to where they would never walked if they could ride and were known as the best riders in the region. 


The American cowboys north of the border, who adopted many of the skills and tools of their southern counterparts, came to calling themselves buckaroos which was their Americanized version of the word vaqueros.

Leather and fabric instructions and all sizes included

Pants & Pantalones sized from 28” to 52”

Jacket sized from 36” to 60”.

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Also called “bachelor buttons”.
$2.50 for a set of six. (Just the right number for a pair of britches.) Price includes shipping.

            Trailblazer Shirt
The Trailblazer Shirt Pattern Package contains four different styles commonly worn from the late 1700’s through the Civil War years.  Simple and easy to make, all sizes from 30” to 68” chest are contained in each pattern package.

For comfort and ease of construction, we have redesigned the underarm seam in the modern style.  The original design had box-shaped bodies and sleeves with a diamond shaped gusset in the armpit and neck areas.  The torsos were also very long, almost knee length.  
Text Box: Our Britches pattern is true to the style developed by the federal government for issue during the Civil War and was favored by U.S. and Confederate forces alike.  It was not uncommon to find Johnny Reb dressed in a butternut jacket and blue pants, since the union issue uniform was far superior to their own.  Complete with watch pocket and suspender buttons, which when you think about it was quite an oddity since the U.S. Government did not supply either watches or suspenders (but we do).  All sizes from 28”-52” are included in every pattern package.  Includes fitting tips for ladies.  
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Suspender Buttons