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Range Coat

Originally designed to cut the wind and keep the trail dust and horse boogers off a rider’s clean clothes, these range coats, or dusters as called by some, are useful outdoor protection for both the range and urban cowboy.  Designed to be true in detail to the garment which came into existence prior to the Civil War, it has a split tail to accommodate horseback riding and two large waist pockets.  Each pattern package includes an optional short version (Barn Coat), all sizes from a 36”chest to a 52” chest, and complete instructions


Barn Coat Version

Text Box: $2.00
Text Box: Each Collar Pattern Package contains three collar styles and all sizes from 14-1/2” up.
Text Box: Whether you are a cowboy, preacher, or desperado, this classic gentleman’s coat features the elegant tailored lines that reflect the spirit of the late 1800’s.  An essential for finishing off your Sunday go-to-meeting outfit, it is characterized by it’s three-quarter length.  This package includes complete instructions and all sizes from 34”-60” chest.  Also includes instructions for fitting ladies.  
Text Box: Warmth, extra pockets, and the freedom of mobility these sleeveless “waistcoats” allowed them were some of the very practical reasons these suit vests were popular among the 1880’s Westerners.   This pattern package contains all components and instructions for fabric and leather, four different vest styles, fitting instructions for ladies’, and all sizes from 34” chest to 58” chest.
Text Box: Gentleman’s Frock Coat
Text Box: New 
Text Box: Detachable Collar Pattern
Text Box: Cravat Pattern

Cravat Buckles are for adjusting the length of the

neck-band and for attaching the two ends together. 

Text Box: Western Heritage Shirt
Text Box: This pattern package contains five styles all known for their practicality.  They’re as appropriate today for the buckaroo and gentleman rancher alike as they were a hundred and thirty years ago.  The Buckaroo Shirt is actually the basic shirt upon which all the other styles are built.  It’s simplicity of design is very comfortable as well as rugged.  It has a half-placket button closure, and extra long tails to stay tucked in.  This pattern package contains all necessary components and instructions to construct the Buckaroo, Light Horseman, Drover, Gentleman, and Gambler shirts.  All sizes from 34” to 60” chest are included.  
Text Box: Buckaroo Shirt
Text Box: Light Horseman
Text Box: Drover
Text Box: Gentleman
Text Box: Gambler
Text Box: VESTS
Text Box:      Leather Friendly Pattern
Text Box:    Dodge City
Text Box: Tombstone
Text Box: Virginia City 
Text Box: Banker
Text Box:  Cattle Baron
Text Box: Undertaker
Text Box:         CRAVAT BUCKLES
Text Box: Back Buckle $2.50
Text Box:   The Prescott Vest

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