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Text Box: Mantelet  (mant’let)
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Text Box: Three-Tiered Cape version included
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Text Box: Short capes were common from the 1830’s on, but reached their height of popularity (and decoration) in the 1890’s.  Huge sleeves made wearing jackets impossible.  Women wore multiple layers of pantaloons and petticoats under their skirts, but the close silhouette above the waist allowed only a camisole, corset, and corset cover often leaving the ladies  cold above the waist, thus the short cape.  Each pattern package includes two styles.  
Text Box: They stood up against the bad guys even when the odds were less than even.  Straight shootin’ and hard ridin’, they’d always save the day and kiss the girl and sometimes their horse.  Our Western Heroes were the mentors to an entire generation and we celebrate those memories with the style they wore.

The Saturday Matinee Shirt recaptures the flamboyance of yesteryears’s cowboy with four bold styles for men and women with all sizes from XS-6X.  Complete instructions and embroidery designs included.