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Text Box:          Romantic Era Blouse
Text Box:  Pattern Package
Text Box: Illustrating the high-necked, elegant, timeless style of the late 1880’s and 1890’s, these blouses are still quite an addition to any
Text Box: contemporary wardrobe.  Over decoration was a sign of status and wealth during the Victorian
Text Box: Age, and too much lace trim was considered to be not enough.  Our pattern package includes easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions for optional
Text Box: crochet lace trim along with five different styles and all sizes from 8 to 20.
Text Box: Text Box: Primrose Skirt
Text Box: During the 1890’s the Women’s Suffragettes were stepping out into a new era of freedom for women.  Interestingly it wasn't until the passage of the 19th Amendment after the Republicans regained control of Congress in 1919 that women were given the right to vote.
Text Box: Until that time the Amendment was defeated four times by Senate 
Text Box: Democrats.  In the 1890’s bustles were out Text Box: and skirts were becoming more practical
allowing for more freedom of movement
Text Box: for such activities such as badminton, 
Text Box: croquet, golf, and political activism.
The 1890’s Primrose Skirt is of a slimmer fit to accommodate two 
Text Box: petticoats instead of the usual five or more that were worn previously.  Modest in length so
Text Box: as not to show the ankles, it is a seven gore skirt with a deep pleat in back and a button placket closing.  Each 
Text Box: pattern package includes all sizes from 6 to 22 and both plain hem and pleated version.  
Text Box: Reticule  
Text Box: Reticules, also called “indispensables”, were bags gathered at the top with drawstring handles used to 
Text Box: carry a few indispensable items such as 
money, smelling salts, pistol, etc. since 
Text Box: fashions of the late 1880’s had no pockets.
Text Box: Text Box: Dressy versions for special occasions were made with fabrics and trimmings to match
Text Box: Text Box: their dresses.  Reticules were also commonly used to carry needlework  
Text Box: which one would take along on social calls.
Text Box:      .